We encourage clients to check the references of any Builder they may be considering and we are certainly no exception. The following represents a sample of DCG’s many happy clients. We are happy to provide you an extensive list our clients who would happily speak with you about their experiences with DCG.

We had an amazing experience with DCG and I would recommend them with great enthusiasm. Whenever we talk about how wonderful Douglas Construction Group was to work with, they tease us that we are the only ones who don’t want to kill our builder. Our house was finished about 1 week early, almost unheard of in the business. We are amazed at the quality of the construction of our home compared with others in this area, including much more expensive homes.

– Arielle G.

It’s been a pleasure working with your wonderful team to personalize our dream home. We are impressed with your dedication to excellence and your ability to lead an amazing team. We are thankful for your field manager’s responsiveness when questions arise, his attention to detail during the constriction process, and his thoughtfulness to label and show us how to maintain and operate our home. We feel lucky to have worked with your team.

– Jessica S.

We’ve been really impressed with all the subcontractors and tradesman. All have been great. And perhaps most importantly all of our neighbors have regularly commented how good and professional everyone is.

– Tim G.

We are settling in and the boys love the house too. Thanks to you and your entire team, this was a wonderful experience. If you ever want a potential buyer to see your work or speak to us about our experience, do not hesitate to call us. I would be happy to talk/show them our home.
As you know, this is the second home we have built in this neighborhood and your team was fantastic to work with, so I would wish others to have the same experience.

– Robin

I just wanted to thank you for making this process run so smoothly. There are very few people that can go toe-to-toe with my wife in terms of organizational skills, and she has met her match in you.

– Jeffrey

I wanted to convey to you and your team that out home inspector was extremely complimentary about the house - he used words like ‘meticulous’ and ‘superb’, and Kristie and I couldn’t agree more. He said his report is one of the cleanest he’s ever issues (and he’s nothing if not thorough).

– Kent

Yes, the house is looking great. We can’t wait to move in!! We can’t wait to move in!! Thanks once again for all your hard work and time that you have put into our house. You and your team have made the process very easy and made a somewhat intimidating process quite simple.

– Kerry

So Adam and I are sitting here watching ‘holmes on holmes’ on HGTV (not sure if you are familiar with this show). Every time we watch this show, we say “we love Doug and are so glad that we have (present tense) an awesome builder! The premise of the show in case you aren’t familiar, is a contractor the fixes problems in people’s houses that were not done right by someone else.

– Jess

When we first considered the prospect of building a home, we were very intimidated by the process but our fears were quickly allayed as a result of our meetings with Doug Monsein. Doug had a very confident, yet calming, effect throughout the pre-construction process. Thereafter, while our home was being built, Doug, his management team and superintendents were helpful and very responsive to any issues which arose. Their advice was always both practical and creative. As a result, we are now very happy in our new home and we never fail to receive compliments from all of our guests addressing the quality and beauty of the home which DCG built for us.

–H. Mark, Bethesda, MD

After two years we are still having fun watching people visit our "new" kitchen/porch addition. Their eyes pop and their jaws drop. Our addition has not only been a property investment but more importantly a lifestyle upgrade that can be appreciated every single day. DCG has delivered a delightfully open architectural space in a formerly closed rambler. DCG is committed to clear communication with customers. This policy helps the client to form realistic expectations about the construction process. Realistic expectations from DCG include masterful workmanship, integrity in business practices and a superb professional staff. I found working with Douglas Construction a very positive experience. Doug is bright, articulate and nice and has organized a incredible crew and group of subcontractors. Everyone routinely follows through on whatever is involved in a timely manner. I believe the greatest accolade is that I not only highly recommend them, but if I have another home built I want it done by Douglas Construction.

–Marge & Kevin, Kensington, MD

We love our home. We were house hunting for months, when we walked into this house, we knew right away that this was the one we had been looking for. Everyone at Douglas Construction is a pleasure to work with, and they always go the extra mile to make things perfect

–Mary & Joshua, Bethesda, MD

There is no question that if we ever built another new home we would work with Douglas Construction Group. DCG exceeded every expectation for our custom built project in Chevy Chase. They are carful, attentive, and supremely professional. We enjoyed working with everyone on the DCG team during our build, and our house was delivered one month ahead of schedule in pristine condition.

–Sue & Mark, Chevy Chase, MD

When my husband and I decided to purchase a house to be built we were both nervous and apprehensive since we had never done it before. Our experience working with Doug Monsein and his crew at Douglas Construction was very favorable. Doug and his crew are very honest and helpful in all the processes that have to be done in building a house. It was a pleasure. We would highly recommend them.

–Linda & Tom, Bethesda, MD

We love our home! Douglas Construction Group delivered what was promised: our house was done on time, on budget, and exceeded our expectations.

–Scott & Mila, Bethesda, MD

Building a house is a huge endeavor. The experience we had with Douglas Construction was undoubtedly a lot easier than what we anticipated. They are not only truly passionate about what they do but they are truly committed to each project they take on. They listen to you, share their ideas, and work with you until you are 100 percent satisfied with your end project—and in the end you have a beautiful home.

–Pam & Michael, Bethesda, MD

We enjoyed working with everyone on the DCG team throughout the process for building our house and after closing. The entire team is professional and courteous. They accommodated our requests whenever possible, and always responded promptly to our questions. We and our kids absolutely love the house that DCG built for us.

–Alan, Bethesda, MD

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our home is more beautiful than I ever imaginied. I can't stop bragging about you and your team. You definitely made the process seamless and not overwhleming. We can't thank you enough! i know I keep saying it, but once the couch is in and a few more boxes put away, we can officially celebrate!

–Carolyn & Steve, Bethesda, MD

I wanted to take a moment and truly thank you for delivering us our dream home. You are a man of your word and a pleasure to work with, not to mention a master of your craft. We absolutely love the house and have nothing but positive experiences from the entire process. Jenn and I both can hardly believe we live in this house. Please feel free to drop by anytime, you are always welcome.

–Mike & Jenn, Bethesda, MD

This is just a quick note to say that we are so thrilled with this gorgeous new home. You all did a fabulous job!!! We are still trying to catch our breath after the move, jut wanted to let you know what we are so delighted with our new home.

–Kanisha, Bethesda, MD

The mark of a great business is that they take care of their customers before, during and after the move. You guys epitomize what is means to be great.

–Steve & Robin, Bethesda, MD

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