Douglas Construction Group’s Continued Commitment to Green Building

We have put tremendous effort and research into our building envelope, overall insulation package and air quality techniques – those that have the best direct benefit for our clients, and pay dividends through lower utility bills over time.

What makes construction and materials “green”? Recycled, recyclable, non-toxic, sustainable, earth-friendly, energy efficient, low greenhouse gas emissions, good building procedures...SIMPLY DOING THE RIGHT THING.

A Sampling of our Green Building Techniques

  • Previous home(s) razed and recycled – carefully separating metals, concrete and brick, wood, etc., so it may be recycled.
  • Advanced Building Sciences & Advanced Framing Techniques.
  • 2 x 6 exterior framing
  • 24" on center framing, to minimize thermal bridging
  • Attention to corner and header framing, minimizing wood use, thermal bridging and allowing for better insulation
  • Insulation – Our homes well exceed local and Energy Star®standards – R-50 blown-in insulation in attic, made of recycled materials, reduces voids and gaps in typical batt insulation. A combination of spray foam and batt insulation is used for the exterior walls to additional seal against air infiltration and increases walls’ values to R-25 (higher R value, seals cracks, voids, eliminates drafts and moisture leading to mold in wall cavities), rigid foam board at foundation walls
  • Fresh air intake system – controlled thermostat and motorized damper, brings in fresh air allowing for 12-hour turnover; increases indoor air quality
  • High efficiency gas furnace with humidifier – humidified air feels warmer, allows you to keep temperature set lower
  • Appliances are Energy Star compliant
  • Drywall – gypsum sheetrock, manufactured by USG, is 99% recycled; the paper backing is 100% recycled
  • Kitchen, bath and laundry plumbing fixtures – EPA certified Water Sense®. “Water Sense labeled toilets and faucets have more than 11,000 gallons annually” as stated by the EPA. Low flow water regulators on most fixtures.
  • Wired for ceiling fans in some rooms, which can cut air conditioning bills by as much as 40% in the summer, and heating bills by 10% in winter (results will vary).

  • Engineered Wood – at I-joist system, LVLs OSB rim board, uses 45% less lumber, and composed of lumber from young, managed forests and lower grade lumber
  • Trusses – incredibly efficient wood usage. Made from 2x4s that are structurally equivalent to using 2x12s.
  • Subfloor adhesive – no voc, water based
  • Subfloor sheathing – Advantech-made with no urea formaldehyde and low-voc adhesives.
  • Exterior Sealed – all penetrations sealed using expanding foam and 100% silicone caulk; prevents condensation in wall cavitities; preventing mold and mildew
  • Windows – Anderson and/or JeldWen; window placement to best benefit from sun; Energy Star rated with low E package
  • Exterior Doors – double glazed, insulated glass frames insulated and sealed
  • Siding – James Hardie fiber cement board – arguable the most durable siding available. Made of recycled materials, reduced exterior maintenance and painting, reducing future use of resources, resists fungal decay and termites. Helps avoid the use of wood and PVC.
  • Exterior Trim – made from recycled materials; Miratec; with similar characteristics as the siding benefits
  • Decks – Trex & Evergrain decking; made from plastic bags, and pallet and waste wood, making it 100% recycled product
  • Steel Beams & Posts – steel contains significant recycled material
  • Paints, Primers, Stains and Wood Finishes – voc-free whenever possible
  • Interior Doors – made from recycled materials
  • Lighting – Energy Star rated lighting used whenever possible, and 50% CFLs throughout
  • Garage Door – fully insulated
  • HWH – high efficiency gas direct vent, eliminates chance of back drafting
  • Carpet – voc-free carpet available
  • Concrete – locally produced, containing approximately 30% reclaimed cement in the form of fly ash and slag
  • Mastic sealed ductwork ensures maximum airflow while saving energy
  • DGC is committed to continually improve their green building practices. Every effort is used to include all items listed above in each DCG home – it is possible some aspects may not be included, however. Please consult with a DCG representative for additional information.

    160 new homes completed &
    65 remodeled since 1999